Natural Santa Maria Aquamarine Necklace


Order only. We are able to custom make a similar version for you. Please enquire with us or visit us in store to discuss. 

A natural and rare blue beauty. 

The natural gemstone Aquamarine comes from the Latin term 'Aquamarina', meaning 'Water from the Sea', and you can see why.  Its alluring beauty and colour echoes a vision of the crystal blue calm waters of the mediterranean.

These natural aquamarines are from the Santa Maria de Itabira Mine in Brazil. They are the most sought after and valuable type of aquamarine for their uniquely natural saturated blue colour. The mine has since been exhausted therefore making these gemstones perhaps even more sought after and a rare natural beauty.

Natural Faceted Aquamarines from the Santa Maria Mine in Brazil, South America.

Graduated and Faceted. Fastened with a 9ct White Gold Clasp. 

60cm in total length. 

This is an exclusively designed piece by the team at Zappacosta Jewels and has been locally hand made in Sydney, Australia.