A little about us.

Zappacosta Jewels share a true passion for designing and producing truly unique designs to suit every taste. Located in Australia's premier design location, The Strand Arcade, Zappacosta Jewels closely work with clients to bring their dreams to life – Breath taking engagement and diamond rings, weddings rings, and an exquisite collection of pearl and gemstone rings and jewellery. Established in 2003, by one of Australia’s leading jewellery designers, Manuela Zappacosta and her team of qualified designers and jewellers give Zappacosta Jewels and its creations the edge and continue to effortlessly eclipse any other jewellery store in Sydney.


Zappacosta Jewels are creators of exceptional engagement and diamond rings, crafted using platinum, the three colours of gold and sterling silver. Zappacosta engagement and diamond rings capture the essence of romance, and are the perfect testament to lasting love. For those seeking the perfect engagement and wedding diamond rings, we represent the beginning of a lifelong journey. Proudly in compliance with the Kimberley Process, our breath-taking engagement and wedding diamond rings are the ideal testament to your lasting love.



The Zappacosta Jewels' pearl ring and jewellery collection exudes elegance, craftsmanship and super technical ability. Sourcing precious and semi precious gemstones from around the world to harness nature's dazzling colour spectrum, we are creators of personalised gemstone jewellery featuring the likes of dazzling Ceylon sapphires, stunning garnet, and timeless amethyst. Our extensive collection of pearl rings and jewellery, as well as engagement and wedding diamond rings, await you at The Strand Arcade, Sydney.