Meet Manuela Zappacosta

Manuela Zappacosta is recognised as one of Australia's leading jewellery designers. Her exuberant yet delicate use of colour is paired with a superb technical ability.


 "I work closely with all my clients and together we create a piece of lasting beauty, one which they will always cherish".


The loyalty between designer and client becomes generational. While the majority of Manuela's pieces are designed for women; necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets, we also design a selection of rings, cufflinks and other pieces for men. Another large selection is the wide range of wedding rings for all couples who are looking forward to celebrating their commitment to each other. 


"Many husbands and partners come into my store to buy gifts and it gives me such joy when they come back just to let me know the great reaction their gift received".


Manuela's work is grounded in her extensive formal training in jewellery design. Earning a Bachelor of Arts at the College of the Fine Arts UNSW (where she topped her year in jewellery design and manufacture) she followed this with a Diploma in Gemmology. Being a Gemmologist is invaluable when buying natural Gems and Diamonds for either the boutiques collections or special clients collections.


Travelling through Europe and the Middle East after graduating, Manuela spent a year soaking up the as much art and architecture. After ten years living aboard in London and Los Angeles  it further developed her unique style; combining feminine, casual and fun with the cultural influences discovered on her travels. The famed Fred Segal on Melrose was one of her many outlets along with Melrose markets, where many big name stars were regular shoppers.  She has sold to the likes of Bette Midler, Richard Gere, Rachael Hunter, Tara Banks, David Spade, Jewel, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne to name a few.


Today Manuela and her team continue to work hard to produce gorgeous pieces that are highly sort after and truly adored  across the globe.  If you desire something alluring and exquisitely unique visit us at  Zappacosta Jewels in the iconic Strand Arcade on George street, Sydney, Australia.