Custom Design


Zappacosta Jewels share a true passion for producing truly unique designs to suit every taste. Manuela Zappacosta and her design team work closely with clients to bring their dreams to life. Personalising a piece of jewellery begins with an idea, a thought or inspiration taken from a place, an experience or something that is sentimental to you. 



The Zappacosta Team guide you through your vision in store advising on diamond or gemstone preferences i.e cut, shape, colour and clarity and metal preferences to create the most personalised piece for you. Proudly in compliance with the Kimberley Process, Zappacosta Jewels carefully source natural, conflict free diamonds and precious and semi precious gemstones from around the world, to harness nature's dazzling colour spectrum. The Zappacost team further develops your idea and translates your vision into illustration, for a visually proportional view of your design. 










The Zappacosta Design and Production Team refine your vision through high quality craftsmanship. Our local and in house production team are highly specialised in refining each piece to finish flawless.