"Hi Manuela and Beth,

Well, she said yes:) And I'm sure your beautiful ring was a big of it! It was truly a magical day in the sun, and it all happened in a secluded cove with crystal green water and dolphins. All a bit perfect really. I've attached a photo to give an idea of the colours. We can tell you all about the tears, hugs and celebrations when both Cat and I come in to say hello as although she adores the ring, I did underestimate the sizing a little and it runs a bit too large. Hence we'll have to come in and talk re-sizing at some point soon. It's only a little too large so hope this doesn't compromise anything in any way. But regardless, the day and moment was perfect, and I owe you both a huge thanks fro creating something that captures it all:)

I'll perhaps give you a quick call before we organise to come and say hello.


All the best,

Tom. S. May 2015"



"Dear Manuela,

Just a note to thank you for designing and making such a beautiful key necklace (given to me by Warren) as well as making me feel very welcome…. The key is just the most beautiful thing that I have been given in my entire life.

It has been made from the heart and will sit next to mine from now on.

Between Warren's lifelong love for me and your amazing craftsmanship, I have been gifted something so special that I can't put in words that accurately convey how much it means to me.

Know that your work will always be the most treasured thing in my life, now and forever.


Kindest regards,

Carolyn Y.  May 2013"