Baroque South Sea Pearls and Diamond Earrings



One off design piece that showcases incredible, high quality craftsmanship and the lustrous wonder of nature's Baroque Pearls.

The delicate floral design is made in 18K Yellow Gold and is hand painted with blue enamel and diamond dust layer by layer. Each layer is fired in a kiln and repeated several times to create depth in colour and that layered delicate sparkle from the diamond dust.  Set into the flowers are 6 round brilliant cut diamonds that compliment the enamelled diamond dust. 
We have paired the flowers which two magnificent Baroque South Sea Pearls, that give these earrings a bold and powerful statement. Celebrated for their uniqueness, Baroque South Sea Pearls are individual in their organic beauty and exhibit incredible lustre. The size of these baroque pearls are 13.7-14.2mm.

Our natural pearls have been carefully hand selected. This is an exclusively designed piece by the team at Zappacosta Jewels and has been locally hand made. If you would like to see this one off design piece in person, please visit us in The Strand Arcade, Sydney.